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Natural Healing Centre

Natural Healing Centre

Natural Healing Centre strives to assist all its clients to live their best life.
We have 4 different machine that we work with.
• Activate Oxygen (Ozone)
• Medical Laser Lipo ( Work 7cm deep)
• Infra Red Sauna
• Inbody

We have helped our clients to keep living by easing the effects of the following on their bodies:
Stress ● Anxiety and depression ● Adrenal exhaustion ● Weight problems ● Muscle pain and injuries
● Constipation ● Hay fever and other allergies ● Sinusitis ● Asthma ● Inflammation
● Osteoporosis ● Diabetes ● Unstable blood sugar ● Cholesterol ● Thyroid problems
● Hormone imbalances ● Oestrogen dominance
And so much more.

Serita Steyn

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