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LAFRIQUE Photography and Studios

LAFRIQUE Photography and Studios

LAFRIQUE Photography and Studios




Daniel & Marnitz le Grange (Photographer and artists at LAFRIQUE ) Started LAFRIQUE in the Gauteng region of South Africa as a destination photography company traveling for different events locally and internationally.
To this date they have captured over 1200 weddings with a variety of cultural & in love couples in their extensive photo portfolio.
As destination photographers their photography is more of an adventure experience rather then just a traditional wedding photographs. From the beginning of their photography journey the enthusiasm in growing over the years their photography has been awarded by the leading awards and photography societies including the World Elite Photographers and the international photography association. With a global creative photography ranking that in fact makes them part of a elite photographers across the world. Conforming only to the highest standard of creative style of photography that conforms of world based professional artistic standards.
Daniel & Marnitz portfolio of images managed to reach global esteem art gallery exhibits from New York, Milan, Spain, London, India(budapest) and South Africa.
Explaining LAFRIQUE artistic style is simply not possible, They like to see themselves as a creators of photographs, Capturing real people in real timeless moments..

"To us, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place" Daniel.

Daniel Le Grange
LAFRIQUE Photography