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Liposculpt Benefits

Slimming is a bit of an uncertain topic, which I think we all have had more failures than success with. We follow strict regimes and impossible diets and that only discourages us.

At Sensi Spa we can help you to change that, with the detox and slimming treatments we offer. Health and being healthy is a lifestyle choice. Stop seeing it as a chore and start associating it with positive thoughts & results.

Liposculpt allows us to offer you one of many solutions in targeting those stubborn areas. Liposculpt’s detox and slimming treatment is most efficient when done in ten sessions, one session per week. Your journey starts by understanding your lifestyle, your choices and implementing a system that works with you. The treatments include - amongst others - your measurements being taken, massaging, body wrapping (which results in your body getting rid of toxins), etc., all in order to assist in sculpting and molding those stubborn areas. Self-discipline & will power is also necessary in conjunction with external detox. Following a healthy diet & making healthy lifestyle choices will accelerate your results.

I have learned a few tips that seem to be relatively easy to slot into your daily diets:
  • Smoothies are awesome but apparently blending bananas, turns them into a weight increase monster. Simply eating it on its own, is the healthiest choice.
  • High caffeine intake can cause cellulite. Using coffee in scrubs or creams, can actually help break cellulite down.
  • Some interesting food combo tips which can assist in losing weight: apple with peanut butter; cinnamon in coffee; yoghurt with dark chocolate; eggs and bell pepper & green tea with mint and lemon.

A healthy lifestyle combined with 10 detox & slimming treatments at Sensi Spa will change your body & mind in a positive way.