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To massage or not to massage

To massage or not to massage

Massage Benefits

Do I really need it? Can I afford it? Will it be worth it? Will I like it?
Yes, is the answer to all of those questions. A massage is so underrated and there seems to be an element of lack of knowledge behind why it is so important. A massage doesn’t only relax your body, it has many different benefits and is actually one of the more cost-effective approaches to good health.

Did you know that massaging is one of the oldest forms of medical care? Massaging goes so far back to approximately 3000 BCE and probably even earlier. Native Indian Americans used massage as a traditional holistic medical system. Even in Egyptian tomb paintings you can see people getting massaged and they are also credited for creating reflexology.

For instance, take the money you spend on pain medication, special dietary foods as well as guilty pleasures such as comfort food, and divide them by each day of the month…compare that to a simple Swedish massage like the one at Sensi Spa for R540. This has the same effect when done on a regular basis. That eliminates the affordability aspect.

Massaging can assist with health issues such as digestive problems, insomnia, blood circulation, blood pressure, fibromyalgia, relief symptoms of chronic illnesses and disease, helps improve your immune system and so much more.

There are all kinds of massages, so there is bound to be one that suits your needs: the gentle Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage, a sports massage, pregnancy massage, baby massage, back, neck and shoulder massage, full body or an Indian head massage. We can also tailor make packages for couples, friends, brides & their bridesmaids.

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